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Touch Applications.


Penetek offers different sizes (9.7", 10.1", 14.1", 15", 15.6" and 21.5", 23.8"), various types of touchscreen technologies (Capacitive / P-CAP, Resistive, IR-Touch, and SAW), multiple types of the material (plastic, white iron, aluminum alloy) for housing, and the different levels of Intel platform and CPUs as core to building systems, such as POS terminals, Panel PCs, and Kiosks to fulfill the demands for your business in food and beverage, retails, chain stores, restaurants use.

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Restaurant POS terminal for Food and Beverage Provide Better Services

A good POS restaurant terminal for the food and beverage business should simplify the work for owners and staff. With IP65 at the front can avoid water...

Touch POS terminal for Hospitality Save Time and Money

Touch POS terminal (Also known as Touchscreen POS, Budget POS, or Entry POS) usually is referring to a light and affordable system, which is using low-power...

Mini Kiosk for Department Store

Kiosk terminal usually has a built-in 1D / 2D scanner, 2 x 2W speakers, an RFID reader, a card reader and maybe a camera, and a thermal printer, even Bluetooth,...

Open Frame Industrial PC for Harsh Environment

Open Frame PC adopts an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen (Resistive...

Touch Panel Computer for Industry and Automation Makes Tasks Easier

PPC (Panel PC) series of products are made of aluminum alloy die-casting housing, and IP65 rating front bezel, fanless design, small dimensions, durable...

Retail POS Terminal for Retail, Wholesale, Department Stores, Warehouses Increase Work Efficiency

Retailers have certain functions that need to be input into the POS system and collect data from an inventory library in order to keep track of stock levels...

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Revolutionizing Retail: Explore the Benefits of All-In-One POS Systems by Penetek

Penetek Technology, Inc. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of state-of-the-art POS systems and industrial panel PCs since 2013. With over two decades of experience in all-in-one touch terminals, the company excels at delivering customized solutions that incorporate the latest embedded and desktop/server CPU technologies. Designed for high reliability and long life, their products are ideal for industries that require rugged performance in harsh environments. Penetek's commitment to customer-focused innovation and comprehensive OEM/ODM services make it a leader in its field, serving the global needs of food service, retail and industrial automation.

Known for our commitment to quality and innovation, Penetek offers a wide range of products that meet the unique needs of the retail, hospitality and industrial sectors. Our state-of-the-art all-in-one POS systems integrate multiple functions into a single unit, improving the user experience and operational efficiency. Industrial panel PCs are designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them ideal for demanding environments. In addition, our interactive kiosks are designed to increase customer loyalty and streamline service operations. With over a decade of industry experience, Penetek ensures that each product in our versatile lineup is precision engineered and designed to exceed performance expectations. Our commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction positions Penetek as a trusted partner in the global marketplace.

PENETEK has been providing customers with high-quality, customizable POS and industrial computing solutions, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures that each customer's requirements are met.