Flexible, Easy Install Peripherals to pair with POS, Panel PC, or Kiosk | Custom Touchscreen POS Terminals for Enhanced Retail Efficiency

MSR, VFD, Display for POS applications | Best POS systems for retail

MSR, VFD, Display for POS applications

Peripherals for POS terminal, Panel PC or Kiosk

Flexible, Easy Install Peripherals to pair with POS, Panel PC, or Kiosk

Peripherals are designed to enrich the multi-function of POS terminals, Panel PCs, or Kiosks, bringing many more possibilities to fulfill various applications' demands. Penetek has developed and acquired Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, EMV card reader, RFID card reader, fingerprint reader, i-button reader, VFD, 2nd display, cash drawer, thermal printer, 1D / 2D bar-code scanner...etc to increase users' experiences and serviceability to customers.

Peripherals for POS terminal, Panel PC or Kiosk

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Card Readers - Magnetic stripe Card Reader
Card Readers

MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader), EMV reader, RFID reader, Fingerprint Reader, and i-Button reader...

Customer Display - 2nd Display stand
Customer Display

Customer Display is used for showing details of the total payment and other pertinent information...

Barcode Scanner - Barcode Scanner front view
Barcode Scanner

The Omnidirectional scanner, also known as a presentation imager, provides a high-performance...

Bluetooth Scanner - Bluetooth Scanner
Bluetooth Scanner

The 2D wireless scanner using Bluetooth 4.2 that can communicate to the devices such as POS hardwares,...

Handheld Scanner - Handheld Scanner
Handheld Scanner

The handheld scanner is built for retail, document/billing process, banking / finance environment,...

Receipt Printer - Receipt Printer front view
Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer (Also known as Thermal Printer) is a device used for printing out paper receipts...

Result 1 - 6 of 6

Peripherals for POS terminal, Panel PC or Kiosk | Durable Industrial Panel PCs for Harsh Environments | Penetek Technology

Penetek Technology, Inc., based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, has been a leading provider of advanced Peripherals for POS terminal, Panel PC or Kiosk, POS systems and industrial panel PCs since 2013. Specializing in customized touchscreen kiosks, POS terminals, and rugged computing systems, Penetek delivers high-performance solutions for retail, hospitality, and industrial automation. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Penetek offers OEM/ODM services to meet diverse customer needs globally.

PENETEK is a premier manufacturer specializing in the production of advanced POS systems and industrial panel PCs. Our expertise lies in creating OEM touchscreen kiosks tailored for the retail sector, combining innovation with durability. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, customized computing solutions that meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Our comprehensive services encompass design, manufacturing, and support, ensuring that clients receive unparalleled products and assistance for their business needs.

PENETEK has been providing customers Customizable POS systems for small businesses, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures that each customer's requirements are met.