Provide OEM / ODM services on touchscreen terminal and turnkey POS solution. | High-Performance All-in-One POS Systems for Seamless Transactions

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OEM and ODM Manufacturer for touchscreen terminals.

About Penetek

Provide OEM / ODM services on touchscreen terminal and turnkey POS solution.

Penetek is a 100% Taiwan-based premier touchscreen terminal manufacturer specializing in the designing and manufacturing of Point of Sale Hardware, including Touch POS terminals, Industrial PCs, Kiosks, Panel PCs, and Kitchen Displays for the hospitality (Food and Beverage), retail, industrial automation, medical, gaming, and leisure industries applications.

With over decades of experience in All-in-One touchscreen terminal design and manufacturing, Penetek staffs understand the demands of our partners and develop products of unmatched quality and features to help our OEM and ODM partners all over the world to meet the specific needs of their customers in the ever-changing dynamic of the economy.

All our products are manufactured in Taiwan with a short lead-time (Around 15 to 20 working days), long warranty (Minimum 2 years), long product life (7 to 12 years), long-term services (Parts and labor 2 years after EOL), and reliable (Overall failure rate is less than 1%/year) to serve worldwide partners and markets that demand reliable and retail-hardened systems. If you need an experienced, professional, reliable, and flexible partner in POS hardware manufacturing, Penetek will be the best choice you can ever find! Contact us now! We will be very glad to become your partner!

Y2024Introduced the world's first Touch POS terminal with PoE function and J6412 CPU, A4415 M85. With PoE, system installation and setup couldn't be easier. HDMI and USB port C allow multiple displays (up to 3 displays) to be connected to the POS terminal. The narrow bezel touch screen makes the POS terminal look slimmer and more stylish overall. The newly designed stand not only can be rotated and tilted but also has a compartment under the main display to place a receipt/thermal printer, making the use of the entire POS terminal more flexible. Under the many new features, we also consider the convenience of maintenance and replacement, as long as two screws are loosened, the motherboard and rear cover can be replaced quickly and easily.
Y2022Penetek is proud of having the Intel 10th Gen. Elkhart Lake platform for POS terminal, Panel PC, and Industrial PC product lines. M82 mainboard inherited the unique features from its precursor, and the J6412 processor has a maximum frequency of up to 2.6GHz, 4 times faster than the J1900. It has the ability to enable TPM 2.0 through BIOS and protect the critical data you have in the retail and hospitality applications, and the HDMI OUT also gives the flexibility to extend and display the advertisements on a large-size LCD display at a distance.
Y2021Inherit the tremendous design of Restaurant POS, we gather all features and put 15.6" Full HD LCD with PCAP touch and made Retail POS, A3316 M73. It is not only powerful but also sleek in the overall outlook. With the custom-made BIOS, it can use Intel 9th generation CPU up to Core-i9 9900T.
Y2020Introduced the world 1st 15" POS with Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake platform, Restaurant POS, A3315 M73 with socket mount desktop CPU up to Core-i7 8700T.  It is the best choice for the power users.
Y2019Introduced 15.6" wide screen system, Android POS, A3216 M72; this sleek POS system runs multiple OS, including Android X86, Linux and Windows maximize the usage in different applications.
Y2018Cooperated with partners and introduced Industrial Panel PC, Open Frame PC, I3315 M63 with 304/316 stainless steel front bezel, die-casting housing, and IP65 standard for harsh working environments, such as fish harbors, butcher shops, food process manufacturers…etc.
Y2017Introduced the 1st POS with cross-border concept design, A3415. The shape of base is designed as wind tunnel, (A bold and straight round shape) various from traditional POS design.  This hybrid and unique design allow customers to installed RFID reader or 2D Scanner for multi-purpose applications.
Y2016Launched the 3rd Wintel POS system, Power POS, A3215 M63 the very first fan-less POS terminal using desktop CPU (Pentium, Core-i3, Core i5), new entry- and high-end motherboards, foldable base and multi-color design.
Y2014● Introduced the 1st Android system with 90-degree rotated display.
● Received 2014 Computex IF Award.
● Launched the 2nd Wintel all-in-one 15" system, A3115 with entry and high-end two different levels simultaneously.
Y2013● Established the company at Wugu Industrial park by a group of experienced sales and engineers in POS applications in October 2013.
● Launched the 1st Wintel AIO 15" WS10X to the North America market.
15.6" Touch POS terminal Hot

15.6" Touch POS terminal

Touch POS terminal is a 15.6" POS with J6412 CPU, P-CAP touch, IP65 at the front, and die-casting housing.

15-inch Retail POS terminal Hot

15-inch Retail POS terminal

15" Retail POS terminal hardware with Intel Core-i CPU up to i7 8700T, supreme bright 600nits LED LCD.

15.6" Touch Panel PC hardware Hot

15.6" Touch Panel PC hardware

Touch Panel PC with 15.6" Full HD LED LCD, J6412 CPU, IP65 dust and waterproof, die-casting housing, and VESA mounting hole.