Touch POS terminal for Hospitality Save Time and Money | High-Performance All-in-One POS Systems for Seamless Transactions

Touch POS terminal for restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes. | Custom POS terminals for restaurants

Touch POS terminal for restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes.

Touch POS terminal for Hospitality Save Time and Money

Touch POS terminal (Also known as Touchscreen POS, Budget POS, or Entry POS) usually is referring to a light and affordable system, which is using low-power CPU, has less power consumption, and is capable of running light or cloud-based POS applications. It is the best choice for a small cafe or for less power requirement POS software use.

What kinds of POS hardware do small cafe owners use?
  • POS terminal (Android POS / A3215 M72, Best POS / A3216 M82, Smart POS / A3216 M72, Touch POS or Box type POS PC with a touch monitor).
  • Panel Computer / P3316 M73, Panel PC / P3216 M82.
  • Payment terminal (MSR or EMV card reader).
  • Receipt Printer / T890H.
  • Cash Drawer.
  • Kitchen Printer.
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15" All in One POS Terminal - All-In-One POS terminal with true-flat P-CAP touch or resistive touch.
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15" All In One Point of Sale (POS) terminal hardware is specifically designed for the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry. This fan-less touch POS terminal...

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Touch POS terminal for Hospitality Save Time and Money | Secure Payment POS Hardware for Reliable Retail Operations

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