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Quality control starts from the designing stage! | Professionally provide POS OEM / ODM services and turnkey POS Hardware solutions.

Quality control starts from the designing stage!

Quality Control

Since the company is established, Penetek is seeking the truth of quality and the operational philosophy "Insist Quality, Client First." We have a rigorous quality assurance and management system, from choosing the components, the inspection of materials, and inspection of the production process, to the finishing product and the final packaging.

Choosing Materials

To implement the company's quality policy, we follow the Intel Embedded solution production roadmap and choose the platform and the CPU, and to make sure the product life (7 - 12 years) and the after-service support (2 years after its EOL). meet the global standard and the hospitality and retail application demands.

Quality / Test and Inspections

During the design stage, each key component is monitored to make sure they are beyond clients' expectations even if they are from Taiwan suppliers. While the system is running the burning software with ambient temperature at 45 cylices for 48 hours. Test to fail.

Our Team

Our team members have more than decades of experience in touch terminals (Including POS, Panel PC, Kiosk…etc.) designing and manufacturing. Through open and transparent communications, we are able to make products, services, and solutions refining day after day and close to the market demands.


All the products are certified by CE, FCC and UL and meet Americas, Canada, and EU international safety standards.

After Services

All the products are provided 3 years warranty. Within the warranty, the incoming freight cost is charged at the customer's expense, the outbound freight cost will be covered by Penetek in the 1st year. If it's DOA, Penetek will provide a brand new unit to replace the defective unit and the freight cost will be at Penetek's expense in both ways.

Quality Control | All In One POS Terminal | POS Hardware Manufacturer | PENETEK

Located in Taiwan since 2013, PENETEK TECHNOLOGY, INC. has been a touchscreen POS machines and POS display screen manufacturer. Its main POS hardware include, customer facing display, dual screen POS hardware, KIOSK machines, retail POS terminal hardware, grocery store POS machines, POS touchscreen displays, panel PC, kitchen and restaurant display systems and POS display screens, which are CC and FCC certified. POS terminals for the grocery store, cash register, convenience store, clothing store, etc.

Penetek, is a 100% Taiwan-based premier manufacturer, that offers OEM / ODM services with the most flexible customization to hospitality, food & beverage, retail, and industrial automation developers and companies with comprehensive product services.

PENETEK has been providing customers with high performance POS touchscreen monitors and POS systems, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures that each customer's requirements are met.