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POS (Point of Sale) hardware for food and beverage and retail application | Professionally provide POS OEM / ODM services and turnkey POS Hardware solutions.

POS (Point of Sale) hardware for food and beverage and retail application

POS Terminal and Hardware

Point of Sale Equipment

Penetek specializes in advanced Point of Sale (POS) hardware and EPOS systems, designed to elevate the customer experience and accelerate sales in various business environments. Our in-house technology at Penetek plays a pivotal role in crafting cutting-edge touch terminal solutions, ensuring a seamless and exceptional customer interaction in the fast-paced world of retail and hospitality.

Understanding the unique demands of industries like bars, restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, and department stores, Penetek has become a leader in providing innovative POS hardware and EPOS solutions. Our touch terminals are not just tools for transactions but are crafted to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your business operations.

We pride ourselves on developing EPOS systems and POS hardware that integrate the latest technology, offering user-friendly, reliable, and durable touch terminal solutions. These products are designed to meet the specific needs of various sectors, ensuring that every interaction at the point of sale is smooth, efficient, and customer-centric.

For more information about our comprehensive range of POS hardware and EPOS solutions, please refer to the details below.

POS Terminal and Hardware

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15" Restaurant POS Terminal - Restaurant POS terminal for restaurant
15" Restaurant POS Terminal
A3215 M82

Restaurant POS touchscreen terminal with 15" P-CAP touch and J6412 CPU is a powerful and efficient...

15" Retail POS terminal Hardware - Touchscreen Retail POS terminal
15" Retail POS terminal Hardware
A3315 M73

Retail POS terminal is a 15" touch screen pos that uses a socket-mounted, desktop/server Core-i...

15.6" Touch POS Terminal - Touch POS terminal for restaurant
15.6" Touch POS Terminal
A3216 M82

Touch POS terminal hardware featuring a high-quality 15.6" Full HD LCD, capacitive touch, and a powerful...

15.6" Hospitality POS Terminal - Core-i POS terminal for POS applications
15.6" Hospitality POS Terminal
A3316 M73

Hospitality POS terminal hardware is built with the toughest standard, specifically for retail...

15" Android POS Terminal - 15" POS terminal with Pentium CPU
15" Android POS Terminal
A3215 M72

15" Android POS terminal hardware is a 15" capacitive touch, LED LCD display that is a reliable...

15" All in One POS Terminal - All-In-One POS terminal with true-flat P-CAP touch or resistive touch.
15" All in One POS Terminal
A3215 M62

15" All In One Point of Sale (POS) terminal hardware is specifically designed for the Food...

15" Pharmacy POS Terminal - Pharmacy POS with 15" high brightness LED LCD and capacitive or resistive touch
15" Pharmacy POS Terminal
A3315 M63

15” Pharmacy POS terminal hardware is the specialized POS terminal designed specifically...

15.6" Smart POS terminal Hardware - Smart POS terminal with IP65 at front
15.6" Smart POS terminal Hardware
A3216 M72

15.6" Smart POS terminal Hardware is designed to meet the demands of modern businesses. This...

15.6" Kitchen POS Terminal - Kitchen POS terminal with IP65 rating
15.6" Kitchen POS Terminal
A3216 M62

Kitchen POS terminal hardware is designed to thrive in demanding environments such as restaurant...

15.6" Kitchen Touch Computer - 15.6" POS terminal with P-CAP or resistive touch and Core-I CPU
15.6" Kitchen Touch Computer
A3316 M63

15.6-inch touchscreen POS terminal hardware is a powerful and reliable solution designed to optimize...

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POS Terminal and Hardware | POS Machine & KIOSK Machine Manufacturer | PENETEK

Located in Taiwan since 2013, PENETEK TECHNOLOGY, INC. has been a touchscreen POS machines and POS display screen manufacturer. Its main POS hardware include, POS Terminal and Hardware, customer facing display, dual screen POS hardware, KIOSK machines, retail POS terminal hardware, grocery store POS machines, POS touchscreen displays, panel PC, kitchen and restaurant display systems and POS display screens, which are CC and FCC certified. POS terminals for the grocery store, cash register, convenience store, clothing store, etc.

Penetek, is a 100% Taiwan-based premier manufacturer, that offers OEM / ODM services with the most flexible customization to hospitality, food & beverage, retail, and industrial automation developers and companies with comprehensive product services.

PENETEK has been providing customers with high performance POS touchscreen monitors and POS systems, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures that each customer's requirements are met.