All-in-One POS with M62 mainboard / J1900 CPU | POS Machine & KIOSK Machine Manufacturer | PENETEK

All-in-One POS with M62 mainboard / J1900 CPU | Professionally provide POS OEM / ODM services and turnkey POS Hardware solutions.

All-in-One POS with M62 mainboard / J1900 CPU

Penetek summarized questions regarding All-In-One POS, if none of these can describe the symptoms you have, please contact our Customer Service by email at

Why there is no signal after booting up the system?

If you have the All-in-One POS with an M62 mainboard, please check if slot 1 has the memory installed (Located on the other side of M/B, face to the LCD panel.) If not, please install the memory into slot 1.

All-in-One POS with M62 mainboard / J1900 CPU | All In One POS Terminal | POS Hardware Manufacturer | PENETEK

Located in Taiwan since 2013, PENETEK TECHNOLOGY, INC. has been a touchscreen POS machines and POS display screen manufacturer. Its main POS hardware include, customer facing display, dual screen POS hardware, KIOSK machines, retail POS terminal hardware, grocery store POS machines, POS touchscreen displays, panel PC, kitchen and restaurant display systems and POS display screens, which are CC and FCC certified. POS terminals for the grocery store, cash register, convenience store, clothing store, etc.

Penetek, is a 100% Taiwan-based premier manufacturer, that offers OEM / ODM services with the most flexible customization to hospitality, food & beverage, retail, and industrial automation developers and companies with comprehensive product services.

PENETEK has been providing customers with high performance POS touchscreen monitors and POS systems, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures that each customer's requirements are met.