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Open Frame PC

Industrial Panel PC and Open Frame PC (New Product, I series)

Penetek Technology, Inc. unveils an entirely new line of Industrial Panel PC that embodies a new era for Point-of-Service hardware - the I Series. With a 304/316 stainless front bezel, aluminum die-casting housing, service friendly design (Change the touch and the LCD panel within 1 minutes) and a strikingly thin profile, the I Series brings a modern aesthetic to the fish ports, butcher shops, makes food processing factories look even safer and more attractive.

01 Nov, 2018 PENETEK

Available in 15" (4:3) screen or 15.6" (16:9) widescreen, the I Series provides multiple CPU selection from Intel Celeron all the way to Core i7 CPU to fit each unique need. The patented fan-less technology allows the unit to run silently and perform in harsh environments that involves dust and liquid spills.

"Touch terminal is not just a cash register or a ordering system; it has evolved to be an extension of the service and increase user experience. As an OEM / ODM manufacturer, we think not just from user point of view, but also from service perspective," said Dan Chen, President at Penetek Technology, Inc. "The I Series radiates simplistic elegance and looks flawless at the front. You only need to take out two screws to reach the mainboard and other major components. Takes around 1 minutes to replace the mainboard or the LCD panel. Its modern and stunning design can blend into any store decoration, while the terminal still offers the quality, performance and long-term durability that our customers expect from Penetek."

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Industrial Panel PC and Open Frame PC (New Product, I series) | Durable Industrial Panel PCs for Harsh Environments | Penetek Technology

Penetek Technology, Inc., based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, has been a leading provider of advanced POS systems and industrial panel PCs since 2013. Specializing in customized touchscreen kiosks, POS terminals, and rugged computing systems, Penetek delivers high-performance solutions for retail, hospitality, and industrial automation. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Penetek offers OEM/ODM services to meet diverse customer needs globally.

PENETEK is a premier manufacturer specializing in the production of advanced POS systems and industrial panel PCs. Our expertise lies in creating OEM touchscreen kiosks tailored for the retail sector, combining innovation with durability. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, customized computing solutions that meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Our comprehensive services encompass design, manufacturing, and support, ensuring that clients receive unparalleled products and assistance for their business needs.

PENETEK has been providing customers Customizable POS systems for small businesses, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures that each customer's requirements are met.