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15.6" Touch POS Terminal - Touch POS terminal for restaurant
  • 15.6" Touch POS Terminal - Touch POS terminal for restaurant
  • Best POS with true-flat P-CAP touch.
  • Best POS with alloy aluminum die-casting housing.
  • Best POS with IP54 water and dustproof.

15.6" Touch POS Terminal

A3216 M82

15.6-inch Touch POS hardware for restaurant

Touch POS terminal hardware featuring a high-quality 15.6" Full HD LCD, capacitive touch, and a powerful J6412 CPU. With embedded TPM 2.0, this POS hardware offers an added layer of security to protect your sensitive business data and super-rich interfaces to support various peripheral devices. Additionally, the lock-type power connector prevents accidental unplug the power cord and shutting down the hardware unnecessarily. Whether you're running a retail store, a restaurant, or any other type of business that requires point-of-sale hardware, Touch POS hardware is the top choice to help you manage your operations effectively and efficiently.

Touch POS is the top POS terminal using Intel 10Gen Elkhart Lake platform, J6412 CPU (4 times faster than Baytrail J1900.) With industrial mainboard, 15.6" widescreen Full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution), high brightness (300nits) LCD, P-CAP touch, 6 USB ports, 4 COM ports, 2 video outputs (1 x VGA port and 1 x HDMI port), 1 LAN port, 1 MIC IN/Audio OUT port, TPM 2.0 embedded and IP65 water and dustproof (At front), aluminum die-cast enclosure, slim body design (Less than 47mm), fanless (Noise-free, and dust-free), and fast service feature (Replace the touch and the LCD within 2 min), A3216 M82 is the best Touch POS hardware for your business whether it's a bar, café, club, hotel, motel, resort, restaurant, or pub.

  • All-In-One Industrial Mainboard: This mainboard is specifically designed for POS applications. It offers stable performance, long life, and supports multiple hardware components.
  • 15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED LCD: The high-resolution display provides clear and vibrant visuals for enhanced customer experience.
  • Aluminum die-casting housing: The housing is made of lightweight and durable material that offers protection to the internal components and is easy to clean.
  • One screw to replace the storage: The storage drive can be easily replaced with just one screw, which simplifies the maintenance process.
  • 2 screws to open chassis and replace LCD + Touch: The LCD and touch panel combo can be easily replaced with just two screws, which saves time and effort during maintenance.
  • TPM 2.0 embedded: The Trusted Platform Module offers enhanced security features to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • IP65 water and dustproof at front: The front panel is rated IP65, which means it is protected against water and dust ingress, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Full-featured interfaces: The Touch POS terminal offers various interfaces such as USB, COM, Parallel, LAN, VGA, HDMI OUT, MIC IN/Audio OUT, and RJ11 for cash drawer, which allows for seamless integration with other devices.
  • Cable/Interfaces cover to prevent unauthorized tempting: The Touch POS terminal features a cover to protect the cable and interfaces from unauthorized access, which enhances the security of the hardware.
ModelTouch POS terminal, A3216 M82
CPU SupportIntel® 10th Gen. Elkhart Lake Platform
Celeron J6412 2.0GHz (4 Cores)
Memory2 x SO-DIMM, DDR4 (Max. 32GB)
StorageHDD1 x 2.5" HDD (Option)
SSD1 x 2.5" SSD
M.21 x M.2 bay (size: 22 x 80 mm, socket 2 B key, for storage only)
LCDSize15.6" TFT LED LCD Panel
Brightness300cd/m² (Typ.)
Resolution1920 x 1080
Touch ScreenTrue-Flat Projected Capacitive Touch (P-CAP)
Tilt Angle0 ~ 120 degree
External I/O PortRear4 x USB 3.0 Ports & 2 x USB 2.0
4 x Serial ports (3 x RJ45 & 1 x extension cable); (Power enable by BIOS; 0/5/12V)
1 x Parallel port* (Optional, by extension cable)
1 x VGA (Power enable by BIOS; +12V)
1 x Cash Drawer Port (RJ11; +12V / 24V)
1 x LAN (10 / 100 / 1000)
1 x Mic-In / Speaker-out (Combo Jack)
1 x DC In
1 x Power Switch
Speaker2 x 2W speaker (Option)
PowerExternal power adapter, 60W / 12V (Lock type)
EMC SafetyCE, FCC Class A
EnvironmentOperating Temperature0°C ~ 35°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity20% - 85% RH non condensing
Storage Humidity20% - 85% RH non condensing
Security & ReliabilityTPM 2.0 embedded
OS SupportWindows® 11 / Windows® 10 IoT / Linux per request
PeripheralsMSR (USB)MSR / MSR + Finger Print (Combo) / MSR + i-Button (Combo) / MSR + RFID (Combo) / MSR + EMV + RFID (Combo)
Customer displayFlush mount VFD display, 2 x 20 characters
2nd Display9.7" (1024 x 768) / 10.1" (1024 x 600) / 13.3" (1920 x 1080) /
15" (1024 x 768) / 15.6" (1366 x 768)
StandType A / B / C / D / E (Default) / F
Hardware Dimension (W x D x H)401.4 x 234.83 x 291.23 mm (With Stand)
Weight (N.W. / G.W.)5 kgs (N.W.) / 6 kgs (G.W.)
Packing InformationCarton Dimension
(W x D x H)
For the hardware with Stand A, B, and E,
30 x 47 x 41.5 cm
For the hardware with Stand C, D, and F,
21.2 x 49.2 x 41.5 cm
Carton per Pallet
(105 x 100 cm)
30 cartons (300 units in a 20-foot container)40 cartons (400 units in a 20-foot container)

Click the following link to download the drivers for your Touch POS hardware.

Drivers for Touch POS hardware with Windows 10 OS

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