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Card Readers - Magnetic stripe Card Reader
  • Card Readers - Magnetic stripe Card Reader
  • RFID Reader.
  • i-Button Reader.
  • Finger Print Reader.

Card Readers

MSR, RFID, i-Button, Fingerprint Reader Reader

MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader), EMV reader, RFID reader, Fingerprint Reader, and i-Button reader are usually used for identification or payment transaction. Penetek understands customers' demands, so we are offering different combinations of card readers for various applications. These readers can be installed on Penetek POS and Panel PC and provide additional functionalities to your hardwares for use in amusement parks, bars, cafes, department stores, retail, resorts, and restaurants.

Product Name
Model NumberD3100D4200-XD8200-1
MSR (Magnetic Stripe Card Reader)RFID ReaderiButton Reader
Magnetic Stripe ReadingSupport ISO 7811 magnetic cardBased on iButton technology
iButton Electronic Key Fob: 2 (Magnetic)
Track Used3-track support
Card Feed MethodManual
Card Feed DirectionBi-direction swipe
Card Feed Speed5 to 55 inches/sec.
Error RateLess than 0.5%
RFID Reader13.56MHz, highly integrated transceiver module for contactless
Card ReadMifare 1K tag, Mifare Unique ID
-Mifare 1K 4 bytes UID
-Mifare 1K 7 byte UID
-Mifare Ultra-light 4 byte UID
-Mifare Ultra-light 7 byte UID
InterfaceUSB (HID/VCOM selection)USB (HID/VCOM selection)USB (HID/VCOM selection)
Reliability (MTBF)
Power ConsumptionDC 5V, 300mA max.
Card Readers Specification
Card Readers Specification

Card Readers Product Leaflet.


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