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POS hardware customization service / Professionally provide POS OEM / ODM services and turnkey POS Hardware solutions.

POS hardware ODM, OEM - POS hardware customization service
  • POS hardware ODM, OEM - POS hardware customization service
  • White color POS.
  • POS with golden color cover.

POS hardware ODM, OEM

Customized Point of Sales hardware

Penetek offers POS hardware ODM, and OEM services with the most flexible and comprehensive customization to the business requirements of various industries, which include food & beverage, retail, and industrial automation developers and companies with comprehensive product services. This complete solution includes the creation of an initial design, through to development, manufacturing, and ongoing support.

The ODM and OEM range of services, including:

Design and development: Penetek has experienced (More than 20 years) teams of engineers who can design and develop custom hardware and firmware solutions for clients.

Prototyping and testing: We create prototypes and perform rigorous testing to ensure the hardware meets the client's requirements and specifications.

Manufacturing: Penetek has advanced manufacturing facilities and processes to ensure the high-quality and efficient production of customized Point of Sale hardwares for our customers.

Logistics and support: We manage the logistics of shipping and delivering the hardwares, as well as provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services.

The process begins with the creation of an initial design, where Penetek works closely with the customer to understand their specific needs and goals. The design process includes product features and specifications, as well as the overall form factor and aesthetic design of the Point of Service hardware.

Once the initial design is complete, Penetek moves into the development phase, where it utilizes its extensive experience and technical expertise to bring the design to life. The company's development process includes hardware design, firmware development, software development, and integration of third-party components where required.

After the development is completed, Penetek proceeds with manufacturing the POS hardware, leveraging its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure quality, efficiency, and scalability. During the manufacturing process, the company implements rigorous quality control measures to ensure that each POS hardware meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Penetek provides ongoing support for its Point of Service hardwares to ensure that they continue to operate smoothly and efficiently after installation. This includes technical support, maintenance, repair, and replacement services as needed. The company also provides customization services for its POS hardwares, enabling customers to tailor the hardwares to their specific needs and requirements.

Overall, Penetek's ODM and OEM services provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for customers looking to create customized Point of Sale hardwares for their businesses.

Custom (OEM / ODM) Services

In order to meet customers' demand and catch up the market trend, Penetek offers board level and hardware level customization and integration service for the POS (Point of sale and Point of service) market.

Below are some of the customization services, but not limited to:

  • BIOS Settings.
  • Packaging.
  • Color, ID, and Logo
  • Environment Tests (Thermal, Drop, Vibration…etc.).
  • Embedded OS & Installation.
  • EMI / EMC Test.
  • Certifications / Multiple Listing (CE, FCC…etc.)
  • Mechanical (Plastic, metal, and aluminum) enclosures
  • Accessories and peripherals e.g. MSR / RFID / Finger Print / EMV Card Reader, Thermal Printer, Barcode Scanner…etc.
Custom (OEM / ODM) Service Flow Chart

Penetek combines these services through our extensive oversight process to guarantee unsurpassed product quality, dependability and robustness. The strength of Penetek as POS hardware technology leader lies in close partnerships with Intel, Microsoft and other components' suppliers, such as LCD panel, touch screen, RAM, HDD, SSD, barcode scanner, and thermal printer…etc. allowing early access to advanced technologies. We have a superior supply-chain management and buying power, and are able to provide single-source procurement for OEM / ODM across several industry sectors.

Manufacturing Facility and Global Partners

With manufacturing facility and logistic centers in Taiwan, and distribution channels and partners in America, Europe, Japan, Mid-East, and Southeast Asia, Penetek is well positioned to meet the demanding business needs to ensure business success of Solution Integrators anywhere and anytime.

OEM, ODM Processes

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Customized Point of Sales hardware | All-In-One POS Systems & Panel PCs Manufacturer | PENETEK

Located in Taiwan since 2013, PENETEK TECHNOLOGY, INC. has been a POS systems and Panel PCs manufacturer with Intel 10th Gen. Elkhart Lake platform for POS, Panel PCs, and Industrial PC product lines. Their main products, include POS hardware ODM, OEM, POS, All-In-One POS, Panel PCs, Industrial Panel PCs, Kiosks and Open Frame PCs, which are CC and FCC certified.

Penetek, is a 100% Taiwan-based premier manufacturer, that offers OEM / ODM services with the most flexible customization to hospitality, food & beverage, retail, and industrial automation developers and companies with comprehensive product services. With over 20 years of experience in All-in-One (AIO) touch terminal design and manufacturing, Penetek staffs understand the demands of our partners and develop products of unmatched quality and feature to help our OEM/ODM partners meet the specific needs of their customers in the ever-changing dynamic of the market.

PENETEK has been offering customers high-quality POS systems and panel PCs, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures each customer's demands are met.