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POS in Retail Application.

Retail POS for Retail and Wholesale Increase Work Efficiency

Retailers have certain functions that need to be input into the POS system and collect data from an inventory library in order to keep track of stock levels in the hardware, such as a scale on the counter, a barcode scanner, and a device for taking off alarm tags of clothes, shoes, or liquor bottles. The most comprehensive POS system is usually a supermarket checkout point due to the various items and the massive amounts being sold. Therefore, the system needs to be powerful, but also reliable and durable.

Penetek follows Intel's embedded product roadmap (7 - 12 years product life) and chooses the socket mount / desktop types of CPUs (Twice more powerful than mobile CPU) for Retail POS and Power POS. Not only that, the unique heat pipe and the patented dissipation system make these systems fan-less, dust-free, and noise-free. Their performance, reliability, compactivity, easy service, and long product life make them the best choice for retail applications.

What kinds of POS do Retail and Wholesale owners use?
  • Best POS / A3216 M82, Power POS / A3315 M63, Restaurant POS / A3315 M73, Retail POS / A3316 M73, Touch POS / A3215 M82.
  • Panel Computer / A3316 M73, Touch Computer / A3315 M73.
  • Price Checker, Mini Kiosk / K1110 M85.
  • Receipt Printer / T890H.
  • Bluetooth Scanner / BD-6530BT.
  • Handheld Scanner / BDE-1530.
  • Barcode Scanner / DT-9800.
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Power POS - Power POS with P-CAP or resistive touch
Power POS
A3315 M63

15" Power POS with Core-i CPU features the patented heat pipe and the unique heat dissipation system, it is not only powerful (twice more than a mobile...

Restaurant POS - Restaurant POS with P-CAP or resistive touch
Restaurant POS
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Restaurant POS is a 15" touch pos terminal with a socket mount desktop Core-i CPU that provides the flexibility and the opportunity to upgrade and save...

Retail Point of Sales - Retail POS with P-CAP or resistive touch
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A3316 M73

Retail POS built-in with 15.6" Full HD LED LCD, Core-i desktop CPU, IP65 water and dustproof at the front and IP54 at the rear. Rich interfaces allow users...

Touch POS System - Touch POS with Elkhart Lake, J6412 CPU
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A3215 M82

Touch POS is a 15" POS with J6412 CPU (Intel 10th generation Elkhart Lake platform, 4 times faster than J1900). It runs Windows 11 or Windows 10 IoT operating...

Panel Computer - Panel Computer with capacitive touch
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P3316 M73

Panel Computer is a 15.6" Panel PC using socket mount Core-i CPU, which is powerful, upgradable, and easy to swap and service. With a unique heat pipe...

Touch Computer - Touch Computer with P-CAP touch
Touch Computer
P3315 M73

Touch Computer is using an all-in-one industrial mainboard that is using an LGA1151 socket with Intel® H310 chipset and Core-i CPU. You can choose...

Mini Kiosk - Mini Kiosk with IP54 water and dust proof
Mini Kiosk
K1110 M85

Mini Kiosk is designed for easy install, serves multipurpose in a compact and lightweight body. It has built-in several peripherals, such as 1D / 2D scanner,...

Receipt Printer - Receipt Printer front view
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Receipt Printer (Also known as Thermal Printer) is a device used for printing out paper receipts for an establishment's customers to take with them as a record...

Bluetooth Scanner - Bluetooth Scanner
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Handheld Scanner - Handheld Scanner
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The handheld scanner is built for retail, document/billing process, banking / finance environment, health care, and medical industry. Handheld Scanner...

Barcode Scanner - Barcode Scanner front view
Barcode Scanner

The Omnidirectional scanner, also known as a presentation imager, provides a high-performance 2D CMOS imager with an elegant and durable design which makes...


POS in Retail Application. | Over 20 Years All-In-One POS Displays & Panel PCs Manufacturer | PENETEK

Located in Taiwan since 2013, PENETEK TECHNOLOGY, INC. has been a POS systems and Panel PCs manufacturer with Intel 10th Gen. Elkhart Lake platform for POS, Panel PCs, and Industrial PC product lines. Their main products, include Retail POS for Retail and Wholesale Increase Work Efficiency, POS, All-In-One POS, Panel PCs, Industrial Panel PCs, Kiosks and Open Frame PCs, which are CC and FCC certified.

Penetek, is a 100% Taiwan-based premier manufacturer, that offers OEM / ODM services with the most flexible customization to hospitality, food & beverage, retail, and industrial automation developers and companies with comprehensive product services. With over 20 years of experience in All-in-One (AIO) touch terminal design and manufacturing, Penetek staffs understand the demands of our partners and develop products of unmatched quality and feature to help our OEM/ODM partners meet the specific needs of their customers in the ever-changing dynamic of the market.

PENETEK has been offering customers high-quality POS systems and panel PCs, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, PENETEK ensures each customer's demands are met.