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COVID-19, Coronavirus

By now there are many articles telling you how best to protect ourselves and others from bacterial infection. Here are some useful resources that can help you to understand antibacterial and antimicrobial, 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Stanford Hospital – Latest on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The New England Journal of Medicine – Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1

For those who may be interesting in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may check out the article "Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health"

When the COVID-19 outbreak started, there were customers asked how to clean their POS systems.  The simplest and easiest way to clean your POS hardware is using 75% alcohol, or 0.75 liter of 100% alcohol mix with 0.25 liter of pure water and spray it onto a cleaning cloth or towel.   Then, genteelly wipe the surface to be cleaned. 

If you like to learn other options, we also collect different methods for cleaning POS hardware and put them all together
here for your reference.