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POS, Panel PC, Kiosk General Questions

Penetek summarized all questions frequently asked by customers.

Why the system cannot detect the hard drive?

Make sure the Boot Type is UEFI Boot Type or Legacy Type under the BIOS setting.

Why I cannot enter Windows after the beep sound?

Make sure if SSD / HDD is connected to the SATA connector firmly.

Why there is a long beep sound after boot up?

Check the RAM/Memory if it is properly installed.

Why there is no sound after the system boot up?

Check the speaker if it's installed (The speakers are optional devices and they are located at the back of the right and left-hand side. If you don't find the speakers, please contact your system integrator or supplier for more detail.)

Check the volume if it has been tuned up.

Why the system will not turn on?

Make sure the power cord is plugged in, and then press the power button at the back of the lower left-hand side.

Check the LED lit at the bottom of the front bezel if it is turned on and in blue color.

Why the system won't wake up from Sleeping Mode?

Go to device manager, and find "Human Interface Device".

Find "Power Management" under the HID-compliant touch screen.

Make sure the "Allow this device to wake the computer" is checked.

How do I wake up the system by LAN (M62)?

Check if Wake on PME is set to "Enable" in the BIOS setting.

No networking connection

Wired: reconnect or replace the network cable.

Wireless (Default is no Wi-Fi card installed): reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

Why my Cash Drawer doesn't eject?

In order to get the Cash Drawer ejected by the commend, you need to set the correct protocol. Usually, it is either COM1 or COM5. These settings can be found in the BIOS under.

How do I get the power to the VGA port, COM port, or Cash Drawer port?

All the systems that are designed by Penetek can select the Power On/Off in the BIOS setting for the VGA port, COM port, and Cash Drawer port.

POS, Panel PC, Kiosk General Questions | Revolutionize Customer Interactions with Customizable Kiosks

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