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Penetek Warranty Policy.

Warranty Policy

Penetek warrants all products, parts, components, and the manufacturing process are compliant to the spec standard according to the spec approval sheet and are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service under the warranty period. Should there are defects present on products, parts, components, and the manufacturing process, Penetek is responsible for repair and replacements under the warranty period, which is 25 months from the shipping invoice date. If you require a longer period or some not listed conditions, please contact our sales for extend services.

Service Terms and Conditions

1. Limited Warranty

● Non-Coverage Areas:

All units must be returned with a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Penetek reserves the rights to decline the repair service on units returned without a valid RMA number.

Penetek reserves the rights to decline the repair service, and/or charge the repair service fee at the customer expense when the following conditions are presented:
a. Natural disasters such as fire, water, land movement, weather and other consequence of the natural hazards.
b. Unexpected inrush current, voltage occurrences and environmental abnormalities.
c. Improper product usage, maintenance, and assemble/dissemble methods. This includes cosmetic damages such as scratches and cracks found from the case/enclosure in which they do not affect the normal functionality.
d. Software installation and settings
e. Use unauthorized serial number label and unauthorized change on serial number on the label.
f. Computer Virus
g. Improper usage on testing equipment and gears on product testing.
h. Submission to unauthorized manufacturer or third-party unit for repair service.
i. Fails to be compliant with the safety notice listed in the system safety label when using or maintaining the system.
j. Accidental incidents (for example, data loss caused from the storage device crash).
k. Non-copyright protected software usage.
l. Peripherals and/or accessories in which are not listed in the default and/or customized shipping package and/or in which their specifications are out of the system supporting range.

2. Acknowledgement

RMA return service charges will be treated as non-warranty RMA service charge if the defects are raised from CID.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

● DOA units are defined as below DOA units are products fail to work within 21 days by air, 42 days by sea from the units receiving date.

CID (Customer Induced Damage) and NDF (No Defect Found)

● CID and NDF status will be notified to the customer when RMA inspection process is completed.


● General RMA: Applies to returned items/units which are Within/Out Of Warranty, and are not out of stock/discontinued product, and also not technically un-repairable parts.

● Un-serviceable RMA: Applies to returned items/units which are out of stock/discontinued product and technically un-repairable parts. Within Warranty items/units will be replaced with upgraded models, similar class or series.

Turn-Around Time
● RMA Completion Turn-Around

This is the duration time for Penetek to complete the RMA repair service. In general, turn-around time is 30 working days counting from the date when RMA returned items arrives to Penetek RMA facility. The turn-around time varies according to the RMA return quantity received at Penetek RMA facility.

● RMA Number Turn-Around

This is the duration time for the customer to submit Penetek shipping documentation. The turn-around time starts when Penetek issues the RMA number to the customer. RMA number is valid for the period of two months prior to the expiration. The customer will have the period of two months to submit Penetek shipping documentation from the date of receiving RMA number issued from Penetek.

Shipping Fee

Inspection and return shipping fee will be charged at the customer's expense when the following causes of RMA return damages are present

◎ Customer Induced Damage (CID)

◎ No Defect Found (NDF)


◎ Incoming RMA to Penetek is charged at customer's expense.

◎ Outbound RMA to the customer is charged at Penetek's expense.

Non-Warranty RMA Service Charge & Extended Warranty Charge

Please contact to our sales representative.

Warranty Policy | All-In-One POS Systems & Panel PCs Manufacturer | PENETEK

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